The Chef’s Special

In our game “The Chef’s Special” you have booked a table to eat in our prestigious restaurant, but you will soon discover that the restaurant isn’t as normal as it seems, nor is the chef so friendly… You have 60 minutes to discover what is really happening in the restaurant! But you’d better be fast and get out before the chef comes back to his kitchen!

Do you want to surprise someone? Do you want to give an amazing gift? We have the game and the perfect place. Find your victim (or victims!) and suggest having a brunch/lunch/dinner at a restaurant in Lloret. Only you will know that this is an Escape Room! We will stay in character as waiters, you will receive a believable and immersive introduction and we will help you to make a fun and unforgettable experience! You will always remember the moment when your friends and family realised that they were not going to get the meal they had hoped for!

You only have to reserve a day and time and get in touch with us to prepare the plan!