FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

How can I make a reservation?

To make a reservation simply go to our reservations page by either clicking [here] or by selecting the Book Now tab at the top of the page, and proceeding into our booking system.

What is the price?

The price is charged per game at 60 euros during the weekdays and 70€ on the weekends and you may be a group of between 2 and 6 players. So the more people in your group, the less you each pay!

How many people can play together?

Our room is available for groups between 2 and 6 people.

Can I book for two people and show up with more?

Yes, if you are unsure of how many people will be attending, or if you make some friends along the way, it won’t be a problem, just try to let us know as soon as possible!

How long is the game?

The game itself is 60 minutes long, and will start at the time that you have booked, but you will need to arrival at least 10 minutes before to get ready for the game and receive a brief introduction prior to entering the game. After the game you will also customarily receive a short debriefing, which may go on for a few minutes. So overall we recommend that you allot just under 90 minutes for the whole experience!

Do you need specific or prior knowledge to play the game?

No! Escape games in general are more about logic, deduction and fun, than prior knowledge or experience! Regardless of your age or background, you will be sure to have a good time!

What languages are available to play in?

Our game is available in English, Spanish and Catalan, however it is not too language based, so all you will need to participate is a basic understanding of one of these languages, and of course the ability to communicate as a team!

Is it very difficult?

Naturally it will not be easy, but the main thing is that it is a fun thing to do for people of all shapes and sizes so don’t worry; if you get stuck at any point you will be able to receive hints from one of our game moderators to help you along the way!

Are we really locked inside?

Yes!.. well, no, not exactly. Due to legal issues it is generally considered a bad idea to lock anybody inside a room regardless of their consent, so although the door will indeed be locked behind you, you will always have the ability to open the door via an emergency release button.

Is the game physical/dangerous/scary?

No, there are no feats of physical strengths in our games, nor is any part dangerous or scary, so you will have no need to worry!

What is the minimum age/are children allowed?

We generally recommend the game for over 14s, but children as young as 10 can play with adult supervision.

Is anyone prohibited from playing?

It is completely prohibited from playing under the effects of alcohol or any other form of illegal drugs, and we reserve the right to cancel any games without refund for those that arrive in such conditions.

We also do not recommend that claustrophobics, nyctophobics, or those with a heart condition participate.

Where can I park?

Parking can be notoriously difficult in Lloret, especially during the summer, however you can generally find parking slightly further out of town in the Zona Deportiva, however if you are driving and are not well acquainted with the town, we would suggest giving yourselves a bit of extra time to arrive!

It is also important to know that our street, like most of Lloret’s centre, is pedestrian and not accessible by car!

Below you have a map of the public car parks in Lloret:

Map of parking in Lloret

Can I purchase gift vouchers?

Yes! Gift vouchers are now available to be bought either online or in our shop! To purchase online simply go to our Gift Voucher page, add it to your basket, and enter your details.

How can I redeem a promo code?

If you have a promotional code you would like to use, please just proceed into the booking page, select your date and time, enter all the required information, and before you pay you will be able to enter your code.

Can we show up without a booking?

Although we highly recommend booking beforehand to avoid disappointment, you are always welcome to come see us, and if our room is available at the time you will be more than welcome to play!

What happens if the person who made the reservation can’t come?

Not a problem! If the person who has made the reservation is no longer able to come, the rest of their team can still attend, and even invite another person to take their place.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your booking three days before the reservation date we will gladly return your payment.
If you cancel more than 48 hours before your reservation, although we will not be able to return your payment, we will be more than happy to reschedule your reservation for another day.
If you cancel less than 48 hours before your reservation, we will not be able to return your payment nor offer another date to play.

When do we need to arrive?

You need to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled game to allow time for a short briefing and introduction to the game.

What if we’re late?

We offer a grace period of five minutes, but after that the time that you are late will be removed from the time you have to play, and anything after 15 minutes is an automatic late cancellation.

If only one of your players are late, the group may wait until five minutes after the start time before beginning, but after that you must start the game without the other player. If the other player arrives within 15 minutes of the group beginning the game, s/he may enter the room to join the group, but anytime after that s/he will not be permitted to enter.

What payment methods are accepted? Can we pay in cash?

You may pay when you make your booking by VISA debit or credit card, or MASTERCARD, or you can pay with cash upon arrival.

Can companies play?

Escape games have long been considered as a great teambuilding activity for companies and organisations to enjoy! Team members will have the opportunity to work within their group, act under their team leader, and explore the game by themselves; Escape rooms offer a playful and immersive experience to discover a team’s strengths and weaknesses in a fun scenario!

At the moment we are offering a room for a group of up to 6 people (although this can be expanded to 8 people if we are given sufficient notice), for an activity of an hour. We can also offer multiple games to be run consecutively to accommodate for larger groups, for this please contact us to discuss your specific needs and pricing!

Can I request an invoice?

If you require an invoice just let us know! We will require your (name, company ID or VAT number, complete address , etc.). and date and time of booking, and we will email your invoice to you promptly.

Are your premises adapted for people with reduced mobility?

Absolutely! Our premises have been fully adapted for people with reduced mobility!

What happens if we want to play more than 6 people?

Our game (like the vast majority of Escapes Rooms) is designed for up to 6 people, with more, too much work is done in parallel, many people talking at once and leaving one may think that it has not contributed too much or that it Has lost important parts of the game. Considering that once our room is made, it can not be done again, it would be a shame not to live the full experience!

For these cases we propose two alternatives;

  • Make competition mode! The group is divided into two (or three, or four!) And competes in time of departure, with the possibility that the second group will stay with us at reception, having the opportunity to watch the game of the other group!
  • If you really want to play together and do not want to split, you will have to add €10 per extra person, up to a maximum of 10 people playing at a time.

You have only one room?

Yes! This means that all our concentration as gamemasters (who follow your game, and make sure that everything goes smoothly), is with you, promoting the best experience possible for our players! With more rooms and more people playing other games at the same time, that would be very difficult. Also all our time and dedication is invested directly in our game, letting us be the best in Lloret!

For more information please contact us via email at EscapeRoomLloret@gmail.com, via our Contact page, or by calling or whatsapping us on 662233595, and we will be more than please to help you as best we can!