Te gustan los retos? Do you like challenges?

What is an Escape room? Or a Room escape, or an escape game, or whatever they’re called …

The theoretical and more elaborate definition of an escape room would be: “a game in which participants are locked inside a physical space and required to explore their surroundings and solve a series of riddles to escape in a time limit.” The most practical definition is: “You pay someone money to lock you in a room and you spend the funniest 60 minutes of your life trying to get out!” – escaperoomlover.com

In The Gourmet Escape Room Lloret we offer you the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy an incredible experience in Lloret; do you remember when was the last time you did something for the first time?
  • For those who already have previous experience playing Escape Rooms, we offer you the opportunity to play our original game “The Chef’s Special” with a unique theme never seen before in Spain. Our theme is based on a restaurant with 2 Michelin stars!
  • Suitable for groups of friends, family, couples, bachelor/bachelorette parties, tourists, team building for companies, and everyone else! We assure you that everyone will have fun!
  • We “only” have one game available. This means that all our concentration, as gamemasters, is placed in the group that is playing to ensure the best experience possible! Also all of our dedication and time is invested in improvements focused to make our game, the best of Lloret!
  • We do not want to make the Escape Room an exclusive game just for important events like birthdays or stag and hen parties, we want to be a leisure option in Lloret, as accessible as going to the movies, drinking or dining out. With prices starting from just 8€ per person!

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Escape Room: 60 minutes. 2-6 Players. For friends, families, tourists and companies!

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